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Adrienne Frost

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Obligatory congratulatory post [25 Sep 2016|12:55pm]
It would appear I'm obligated by some sort of contract I don't remember signing to congratulate Kane for winning fantasy baseball.

Which is fine, because the Red Sox are on a ten-game win streak and the Blue Jays seem to have forgotten how to hit. So I ask, whose jaw's going to be sore in a couple weeks, there, Mister Smug Britches?

Subconscious Career Aspirations? [30 Jul 2016|10:03am]
Anyone know with whom was I watching Too Hot to Handle last night? When I turned the tv on this morning the dvr was still running it.

Or if I wasn't watching the movie with anyone, does anyone know who I was drinking with last night?

I woke up to the worst hangover I've had in ten years and a phone call confirming my flying lesson for later today.

Apparently I'm going to become a pilot.

Who can I blame for this?

New Hair and Hallowe'en [17 Sep 2015|08:02pm]
I cut my hair short. First time ever. Big event in my life. I'm kind of freaking out.


Thanks for coming with me, Fi! (And thanks for taking the pic!)

Now that NY Fashion Week's over, time to focus on planning this Hallowe'en party.

Wade and I are doing a Hallowe'en party. The theme is Horror-ble Historical Figures. We're talking about your Ivan the Terribles, your Jack the Rippers, etc. No magic-becoming-costumes this year, please and thanks! All mansionites welcome until midnight. Then all under-agers are getting the boot and the liquor will flow.

Anyone know who they want to come as?

Save me [01 Jul 2015|09:33am]
Kane made me go to Toronto for the ball game between the Sox and Jays because it's Canada Day. Send help.

garden pictures [28 Jun 2015|11:35am]
Tandy showed me how to upload pictures from my garden at my Salem Center place. Next I'll have to get her to show me how to Instagram.

Read more...Collapse )

((ooc: these are my mom's backyard ;) ))

[15 Jun 2015|09:08am]
Anyone want to buy a boyfriend? I'm selling one real cheap. Slightly used but super hot and relatively smart and sort of funny. Downsides include the fact he's Canadian and that he is completely and utterly insufferable to be around right now, thanks to his stupid baseball team winning 11 games in a row.

Any reasonable offers considered.

[11 Jun 2015|02:09pm]
Kane and I will be in Boston from this evening through Sunday. We will be witnessing the unraveling of his Blue Jays' 8 game win streak and revert to their time-honored old ways of sucking on the road.

Tandy, don't sleep the entire time I'm gone, yeah?

Rogue, ditto.

X-Factor, same as always. Don't let Warren have sex on anything I might touch. And don't let Sue burn the place down with that stupid laser.

Kane, meet you in two hours? Your boys are going down.

Homecoming [21 May 2015|11:27am]
So I'm FINALLY back from Europe. Looking forward to taking my bike out again and finally picking up the goddamned glasses the optometrist's office has been pestering me to come pick up for nearly a month.

Yes, I have glasses now. It's Jean's fault. Any comments that may be construed as teasing will be met with disembowelment and the playing of jaunty tunes on rib bones with arm bone drumsticks.


Can anyone tell me why there is a fine coating of neon orange cheese dust all over my our the suite I sleep in?

...And why there is a trail of said dust out of the suite towards the west wing common room?

...And why there is a seemingly comatose Mountie wearing a bathrobe, seemingly molded to the couch and smelling like something Death shat out?

...And the name of a good garbage disposal company?

Any help in answering these questions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

It's that time of year again [30 Apr 2015|09:23pm]
If anyone has or knows of any prom dresses or suits that can be donated to kids in need, please get in touch?

The lobby of Meridian will be set up as a donation centre and a pop-up shop of sorts for teens who want to come by and pick out prom attire from the beginning of next week through the end of the school year.

And if anyone has some time to spare and feels like helping out as salespeople, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

[31 Mar 2015|02:25pm]

Ward being NOT DEAD? Best. Birthday present. Ever.

As a result, I'm in the best mood I'll probably be in for a very long time. So if you want something from me- money, real estate, favours, anything, ask now. You're likely never going to find me more agreeable. I mean it.

I can't stop smiling. I kind of hate it. It feels all weird on my face.

And yet I don't want it to stop.

Home [31 Mar 2015|02:08am]
Kane and I are back. So jetlagged. Will be back at the office Wednesday. Tuesday is for sleeping. All the sleeping. Do not disturb. Seriously. And if anyone mentions the 'b' word to me, I'm cleaving your hands from your body and making you dig your own grave with your face.

Keep 'em coming, universe [03 Feb 2015|06:16pm]
Really? First the Foundation for Genetic Purity burns down and now the FOH gets struck by fucking lightning?

Careful, there, universe. Some of us might think you actually like us.

I'd say this shit should be investigated, but I'm not going to do it without someone paying me to and the only reason I'd want to find out who did it would be to give them some sort of medal or monetary reward.

[31 Jan 2015|09:08am]
Kane and i are holed up at the Plaza this weekend. On Monday he'll be returning to the mansion. I will not. I'll be staying at my penthouse in the city for the foreseeable future.

Arthur, Jess, Bobbi, I'll visit for XFI business if need be.

I thought I could stay here with everyone and be helpful and comforting and whatever people needed me to be. But I can't. I can't do it and I hate that so I need to get the hell out so I'm getting the hell out.

Not impressed [11 Jan 2015|02:15am]
Tandy made me go see the latest Hobbit movie tonight. I think it's about the twelfth time she's seen it. I wanted to muse on something but she tells me I need to do something called a spoiler alert first. Though if you ask me, the movie's been out almost a month. If you haven't seen it yet do you really care about being 'spoiled' at this point?

What was up with that elf chick? The guy she's known for like three days died and she just sits there crying? So lame! Bad example to women everywhere! Go avenge his dwarven ass! Pick yourself up and get on with your life! Ugh. What a bad role model.

It's that time of year again [06 Dec 2014|05:06pm]
Another season of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is upon us. It'll air Tuesday night at 10. Apparently at the taping one of those tweenybop singers got clocked by an angel wing. As far as I'm concerned, that's must-watch television! Who's with me?

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